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What is Vaporization?

Vaporization uses a controlled heat source that massages the beneficial compounds from plant materials. The key to vaporization is the temperature setting: the sweet spot is considered to fall between 360-374 F. Exposing fresh herbs or flowers to a controlled heat source results in the production of vapor which contains the beneficial compounds without the unhealthy elements found in smoke. In optimal conditions, vaporization results in no burning and no carcinogens – just flavorful vapor.

How do I turn on/off the v4/plush?
Press control button of dry herb vaporizer 5 times in a row. There is also automatic shut off after 5 minutes of use.
How many temp' levels are available?
There are 5 different heating levels -
356, 374, 392, 410, 428 F
How do I switch between temp' levels?

Press and hold control button for 4 seconds

Can you use v4/plush for vaping tobacco?

Yes, you can vapor any ground material as long as it is well dried.

I Lost A Part Of My v4/plush Vaporizer.

You can view all available accessories and parts for v4/plush vaporizer by clicking "Accessories" tab.

How Do I know If My v4/plush needs to be charged?

When the v4/plush battery is in need of a charge, the light at the front will turn red and start flashing.  

How Do I Clean The v4/plush Vaporizer?

Remove any unwanted concentrate residue from the ceramic chamber and glass mouthpiece using the cleaning brush and tweezers. Also, clean them both at least once a week with a soaked in rubbing alcohol. Keeping these areas clean will ensure the mouthpiece and filter functions at the highest level.

How Long Is Each Session?

Each session lasts on an average of 5 minutes.

Does it work well with less than a full pack in the chamber?

While you get more out of a more loaded chamber, you can definitely use just

a small amount and leave it in the chamber for a later session if not totally vaporized.

Is the package discreet?

Yes, we ship everything in discreet packaging.

How often should I clean the v4/plush?

Every 15-20 uses 

Can I use the v4/plush for vaping liquid?

No, The v4/plush intended for dry herbs only

Is it legal to buy and own a vaporizer?

Yes, vaporizers are legal to sell, purchase and own as long as the substances being vaped are legal

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