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The all new V4/plush is a first-in-class pocket sized vaporizer, featuring a one control button, a 100% all-glass pathway and 5 temperature levels to choose from. It is the perfect combination of stylish design and cutting-edge technology for a smooth, enjoyable and highly discreet experience.

Engineered with the highest-performance materials from the inside out, v4/plush is designed with the latest Dynamic Conduction Technology that evenly heats dry herbs to instantly deliver fresh, rich, flavorful vapor.

weed vaporizer- 360 view

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Glass path mouthpiece with stainless steel filter is a top feature of our vaporizer. You are sure to always be ready for vaping on your own or with friends. The glassy vaporizer accessory is easy to clean and totally removable.

Glass vaporizer mouthpiece is ideal for flavorful, smooth hits. The greatness of glass is that it’s chemically non-reactive, and leaves no residual odor nor warm sensation on your lips.

One Button Control ­ just Press and Vape. A single “Go!” button for easy operation. Simple filling on the tank plus one-button operation makes a combination for a standing-out vapors – just what new vapers need. So start delivering impressive vapor clouds at the push of a button.

Efficient vaporizing by using even ceramic technology. With its advanced ceramic technology, our innovative vaporizer knows exactly how to maximize the material used, in the most effective way, to become one of the most economical vaporizers today. We can say with confident that our vaporizer saves you 30% herb, or more.

 2.9 oz volume – No.1 choice for outdoor use.

Aren’t we lucky to live in an era where technology makes our vapor small, compact and powerful? Our vaporizer thus allows you to enjoy flavorful vapor just anytime – anyplace. You are sure to spend less money on a portable unit, since it is smaller in size and contains less moving parts, which brings us to the next reason…

only 3 parts make it really simple and easy to clean.
We know how frustrating the need to clean your vaporizer every 15 uses can be, and that is why we challenged ourselves to design a low-maintenance vaporizer. All you need to do is simply to remove the mouthpiece and open it up, place the two pieces in isopropyl alcohol for about 10 minutes, and then use a swab to remove extra oil from the crevices. Then let it dry out for about 10 minute, after which your v4/plush vaporizer will be shining anew.


Jackie Sponseller
"I love my V4/Plush. I'm able to take it anywhere, the look & vapor is discreet, I can use it all day and never worry about having an epileptic attack because I have easy access to medicine. Having the V4/Plush by my side, gives me the confidence to go out and take on the day, completely medicated, without offending anyone- something vital for an epileptic dependent on cannabis."
Cannabis Patient, Grower and Journalist
Peleg Fasting
"A remarkable experience. It feels great it looks great and it works great. Perfect solution for the go. You can literally do it anytime anywhere. It's human factors and ergonomics is outstanding . everything you can expect from a professional vaporizer and much more."
Author best seller "The complete guide to growing indoor cannabis"

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