Cannabis (Hemp or Marijuana)

difference between marijuana and hemp

Williams stated that “cannabis is the enveloping plants” Marijuana and Hemp are the two words used to analyze a particular cannabinoid structure from another. Chasen beamed that hemp is a legitimate subspecies of cannabis with a measurable amount of concentration of CBD, while Williams added its THC is less than 0.3 percent. Chasen also made us understand that hemp is entirely different from marijuana by saying it’s gradually fizzling away. “Marijuana is weed that has dominant THC,” stated Chasen.

Marijuana is primarily cultivated for recreational drug use, as THC is the predominant psychoactive cannabinoid to create a high. When most people hear the term cannabis, they tend to associate it with Marijuana as opposed to Hemp, thus assigning the same reputation as a recreational drug, instead of a medically beneficial one. Conversely, Hemp is cultivated for more medicinal and practical uses. CBD has been shown to assist a myriad of health concerns, and hemp has been made into commercial items such as biodegradable plastics, biofuel, fiberboard, paint, paper, rope, stout fabrics, and more. CBD is also known to work against the high caused by other psychoactive cannabinoids like THC.

Hemp is available all over the world.  Chasen claims it’s imperative to ensure that products derived from hemp are tested for pesticides and efficacy. “This is done by contacting the company and asking if their products are tested. Companies are usually glad to disclose the results. Try to do some research about the company, its services, products, and practices, and also read it is customers’ reviews,” opines Chasen.

Due to its relations with its more psychoactive cousin Marijuana, Hemp production has been heavily regulated due to the recreational aspects, despite all of its proven benefits in industrial, commercial, and medical industries. As more information becomes available, the public is beginning to understand the benefits of hemp and CBD and the difference between the two cannabis strains. Currently, while the standard growth of Cannabis is largely frowned upon due to the illicit nature of most marijuana sellers, the scientific community is discovering ways to grow and store in vitro as well as through a synthetic seed process. Both procedures are proving rather effective, with the resulting plants storing well.