inhaling cannabis

Inhalation is yet another basic ingestion of cannabis either by smoking or vaporizing. In truth, inhalation of the smoke or vapor from a dried cannabis flower is the traditional method of inhalation, practiced long before cannabis became a primary debate.

According to Williams, when cannabis is lighted for smoking, burning takes place, and about twelve percent of what you take in is useful to you, the rest of the cannabinoids, as well as other essential compounds inherent the plant, are destroyed by combustion.

She also said that vaporizing has to do with heating the cannabis to let out its useful compounds without making the heating dangerous to our health. All the valuable compounds are getting into your body while the toxic ones that are being heated aren’t getting in your lungs. This method is better than the smoking method.

Inhalation can take place in many methods, but four are considered standard: smoking with a pipe, smoking with a bong, smoking a joint or blunt, and vaping.


You can easily find a myriad of pipes on the market. From wooden to steel, corncob and most commonly glass, sizes, and shapes vary as well. Especially for cannabis, glass is recommended. Pipes have three components: the bowl, carb hole, and mouthpiece. Consumption through a pipe is fairly straightforward: place ground cannabis in the bowl, careful not to pack it too tightly. Hold the pipe in your hand, and cover the carb hold with a finger. (Not all pipes have this, so you may not need to cover the hole.) Rest the mouthpiece against your lips, and slowly light the cannabis with a lighter or a hemp wick. When the flame reaches the flower, inhale until smoke reaches your mouth. After these initial steps, it is merely a matter of releasing the carb hole as you finish inhaling, then exhale and repeat.


With even more variety than pipes, bongs are typically preferred made out of glass. Tube and beaker-style bongs are the most popular and fairly simple, while other shapes and components can grow more complicated. Taking a hit with a bong varies based on what style of bong you choose, so you will want to ensure you know how to use the bong of your choice before purchasing. The basics are the same as using a pipe: place your cannabis in the bowl, without packing it too tightly, and keep the mouthpiece against your lips until the smoke reaches you. Inhale, exhale, repeat.


Smoking rolled cannabis is the simplest method with the most difficult execution. The most difficult step is rolling the joint properly. Once that is tone, you simply light one end and inhale the other.


Rather than combusting cannabis, vaporizers use lower heats to create a vapor instead of a smoke. Vaporizers come in various sizes, from desktop to portable and everything in between. Vaporizers are even more nuanced than bongs, so you will want to consult the manual before taking your first hit.