Bundle – 1 Black Mouthpieces + 2 Glass+Stainless Steel Filters

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Out of stock: "Glass+Stainless Steel Filter", "Black Mouthpiece" doesn't have sufficient quantity in stock.


1 review for Bundle – 1 Black Mouthpieces + 2 Glass+Stainless Steel Filters

  1. Justin Walker

    I recently bought a v4 plush and I love it!!

    The v4 plush is my very first dry vape.
    I have never tried one before so I honestly didn’t know what to expect. So, it took me a minute to figure out how it worked and so forth.

    I really believe there could be better user guides for people with zero experience with dry vaping. It took me a min to figure out how to pack it right and there isn’t much detail online. I wasn’t sure where the max was, or if I could only use a little bit of flower. I wasn’t sure how packed it needed to be, if it was like normal smoking or if it needed to be pack tighter for vaping properly.

    Anyway, I have now figured all of those issues out and I am really happy with the product…Sadly while I was figuring those issues out I broke one of the Glass+Stainless Steel Filters. This means I no longer have a back up filter and I really need one. So, today I decided to visit this site to replace my broken mouth piece and I discovered that everything is out of stock on this page. Please don’t tell me you guys are out of business!?! But if you are and aren’t going to restock them then can you please assist me in finding a filter from someone else?

    Thank you for any help and I will raise my review to 5 stars if this company is still in business and I can find spare parts. If you guys assist me in finding spare parts even though your closing the doors I will still raise it to 4 star if you care. Thank you so much for a great product!

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