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highest-performance materials from the inside out, V4/plush vaporizers are designed with the latest Dynamic Conduction Technology that evenly heats dry herbs to instantly deliver fresh, rich, flavorful vapor.

V4/plush vaporizers uniquely shape allows for a large high-grade ceramic chamber that can contain approx. 0.65 gr of dry herb. This eminent weed vaporizer weighs only 2.9 oz, thus positions itself as the lightest portable vaporizer available up to date.

With these features and much more, TheV4/plush weed vaporizer offers a major taste quality and purity in each vaping session and unprecedented portability capabilities all of which makes it a favorable choice of both rookies and experienced vaping experts.

Built-in magnetic glass mouthpiece with stainless steel filter for cool and smooth/soft inhalation

Ergonomic design for perfect grip

LED lights communicate battery life and temperature settings

Easy to use- 1 button control

Discreet compact design that can easily be concealed in your purse, backpack, pocket or the palm of your hand

Fast, precise & even conduction heating for full extraction and flavorful vapor

Powerful lithium-ion battery for long lasting usage

Shuts off automatically after 5 minutes to save vaporizers battery life

1 x V4/plush Vaporizer

2 x Glass Mouthpieces with Metal Filters

1 x Packing Tool

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Tweezers

1 x USB Charger

1 x A/C Adapter

1 x User Guide

Material: Dry Herb
Size: 5.7*1.8*1.1 in
Weight: 2.9 oz
Mouthpiece Material: Plastic+Glass Built-in
Oven Material: Ceramic 
Air path: All glass air path
Temperature Setting: 356, 374, 392, 410, 428 F
Heating Time: 30 seconds
Charging Time: 90 Minutes
Working Time: Up to 20 sessions
Auto-shutoff: 5 minutes 
Warranty: Electronic components are backed with a 1-year warranty. 30 Day money back guaranteed.


1 Year warranty

30 Day money back

Price match guarantee

FREE shipping

What The Pros are Saying About our Vaporizers

Jackie Sponseller
"I love my V4/Plush. I'm able to take it anywhere, the look & vapor is discreet, I can use it all day and never worry about having an epileptic attack because I have easy access to medicine. Having the V4/Plush by my side, gives me the confidence to go out and take on the day, completely medicated, without offending anyone- something vital for an epileptic dependent on cannabis."
Cannabis Patient, Grower and Journalist
Peleg Fasting
"A remarkable experience. It feels great it looks great and it works great. Perfect solution for the go. You can literally do it anytime anywhere. It's human factors and ergonomics is outstanding . everything you can expect from a professional vaporizer and much more."
Author best seller "The complete guide to growing indoor cannabis"
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all glass pathway vape

%100 all glass pathway vaporizers with stainless steel filter for cool and smooth inhalation

herbal vaporizer

Ergonomic patented design for perfect grip of vaporizer

Weed Vaporizer

LED lights communicate battery life and temperature settings


Easy to use - 1 button control

weed vaporizer

Large high grade ceramic chamber oven volume 0.65g


Powerful lithium-ion battery for long lasting usage

herbal vaporizer

Light wight magnetic plastic mouthpiece preventing warm sensation to the lips


Vaporizers temperature is adjusted over 100 times per second due to monitoring which guarantees your herbs will never be too hot or too cold


  • v4/plush vaporizer card grinder
    A functional grinder, the v4/twenty card utilizes a multi-level steel surface to break down dried leaves

    Card Grinder

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  • v4/plush vaporizer Mouthpiece
    Replacement mouthpiece for the v4/plush for dry herb

    Black Mouthpiece

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  • Wall adapter compatible with the v4/plush vaporizer

    A/C Adapter

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  • v4/plush vaporizer USB CABLE
    5-pin wired USB charger for on the go

    USB Charger

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